Bible Studies

Teaching and studying God's Word is of primary importance at GraceLife Church of Pineville as we grow spiritually, individually, and then pass off what we have learned to others. Besides our Discipleship Classes on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, listed below are Bible Studies that are available during the week that meet on the church campus and go through a book of the Bible line by line and passage by passage:  

   *Monday @6:30pm - Coed ~ Rufus Taylor

   *Tuesday @ 6:15am - Men's ~ Pastor Steve All

   *Tuesday @ 7:00pm - Coed ~ Pastor Steve All

   *Wednesday @12:45pm - Women's Study ~ Brenda Deese

   *Wednesday @1:30pm - Men's Study ~ James Watters

   *Thursday @ 2:00pm - Coed Study on 2 Peter ~ Various Pastors / Ministers

   *Friday @ 5:30am - Men's Study ~ Pastor Rodney Cripps

   *Friday @ 6:30am - Men's Study ~ Pastor Rodney Cripps

   *Friday @ 6:30am - Women's Study on Romans ~ Sarah Cripps

   *Friday @ 7:30am - Men's Study ~ Pastor Rodney Cripps

   *Friday @ 9:30am - Women's Study ~ Sarah Cripps