Grace Clothes Closet

This team provides free maternity clothes for moms and clothes for infants in our local community with the hope of encouraging both the mother and her child. Contact the church office to either donate or utilize this free ministry opportunity.

Cancer Care

This group helps families walk through the painful reality of cancer by writing letters, providing meals, and encouraging families and caregivers with regular contact and support.

GraceLife Home School Outreach

Home school parents and children are actively spiritually shaping kids. GraceLife's Home School Outreach plans various activities, field trips, and outreach events for Home Schoolers in our community. Past events include Senior Adult women's tea, Williamsburg trips, Home School book fair, and many more.

GraceLife Cupboard

Provides emergency food for those in our local community on a per-need basis. 


In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus says to “Go” and make disciples. The word "Go" in the context of this passage is an imperative command. If disciples are to be made in all nations, it only makes sense that missionaries must be deployed to all nations. 

The goal of missions is to communicate the message of the Bible cross-culturally. We are to communicate the truth of Christ wherever we go and go often. Therefore, we are actively involved with missions throughout the world. With mission initiatives in India, Haiti, Honduras, Africa, Europe and more, GraceLife Church is truly making a global impact for the kingdom.

John Watson is our Minister of Missions and be contacted at: