One of the foundational teachings at GraceLife Church is the message of grace - unmerited favor that we receive from God. The message of grace is seen not only in our Sunday morning services and Discipleship Classes, but throughout our mission and vision as a church. Our desire as a congregation is to be Biblically clear on the message of Eternal Life being a free gift of grace when we believe in Jesus Christ. There are no works we must do to obtain God's grace nor works we must do to maintain God's grace - it is freely given by God.

Realizing that this may not be a familiar message in today's world, GraceLife Church has chosen to identify itself with a number of grace organizations that promote grace such as the Grace Evangelical Society, Free Grace Alliance, and Grace Life Ministries.

Two resources to learn more about grace and what it means to be a grace church are the book "Simply By Grace" written by Dr. Charlie Bing and this article on "Characteristics of a Grace Church". Join us at GraceLife and learn more about the free gift of God's wonderful grace.